26 March 2014

SJV on Instagram

If you've noticed my absence on the blog the past couple of weeks, I just needed a breather. I'll get back to it next week. In the meantime, I've also been posting on Instagram if you'd like to follow along. You can find me here...

10 March 2014

Etsy: Sister Dresses

Two sets of sister dress now in the shop!  Some sisters are so similar you can hardly tell them apart;  like the iris print duo above.  It's pretty much the same dress twice with a slightly different color palette.  Other sisters are only similar in subtle ways, like the two dresses below. One in rust and the other silver, but both are cut from the same type of silky fabric with tiny stripes or dots.  Find them all here...

06 March 2014

Sessun S/S 2014

It seems that everyone, everywhere (well - maybe not in the Southern hemisphere) is stuck between dealing with the drudgery that is this relentless winter and wishing for warm spring days.  I know I am.  And that's pretty much where this blog is too.  One day I'm posting about a winter collection, the next I'm posting photos from a spring collection.  Such is the case today when I can't stop staring at these images from the Sessun spring collection.  I'm think I'm looking at the lush green backdrops and patches of sunshine just as much as I am the clothes. 

03 March 2014

Dusen Dusen A/W 2014

Everything is so dreary around here right now (more snow on the horizon today) it's nice to see the cheerful prints in the Autumn/Winter 2014 Dusen Dusen collection.  I have a couple of pieces from past collections and they are definitely favorites in my closet that I reach for again and again.  I could see adding a couple of these pieces to my closet as well. The black and white print perhaps, or the sleeveless midi dress. 

25 February 2014

SJV on Instagram

Seems like I've been posting more on Instagram than the blog lately. It's just so easy! You can follow me here...

22 February 2014

Forest Swords

The perfect walking-through-the-snow music.  It's been on my iPod nonstop for the past week.

17 February 2014

Egretta Garzetta

I don't usually post about unmentionables on the blog, but these are too pretty to pass up.  Egretta Garzetta is a handmade line of lingerie from Riga, Latvia.  The name "Egretta Garzetta" is the Latin name for a bird that in Latvian is called the Silk Heron.  Each piece is designed and sewn by shop owner Līga Radziņ.  Lucky for us, her work is accessible around the world via her Etsy shop.